Get a comprehensive deep dive into Android Application programming.

Learning Android Application Programming is the perfect book if you have existing programming experience and want to learn Android application development.

You’ll learn Android application development by:
  • Building an entire state of the art Android application from scratch.
  • Interacting with the hardware sensors and discover how to use the phone’s GPS, light sensor and camera.
  • Integrating social media into your application.
  • Getting the application to work on multiple versions of the Android operating system and multiple Android devices with differing screen sizes and capabilities.
  • Adding multiple language support to your application.
  • Being guided in the best way to debug and test your application.

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Learning Android Application Programming was released in December 2013. It is published by Addison-Wesley which is an imprint of Pearson. The book is available to order on Amazon.

Praise for Learning Android Application Programming:

“James Talbot and Justin McLean have done excellent work creating this beginner’s tutorial. The hands-on focus of the book takes the reader from installing the development environment, writing the app and finally publishing the app. Topics include what most developers would want to know, from basic app structure and function, styling the app, testing and optimization, to using social media.”
Matthew Boles,
Learning Specialist, Brightcove Inc.

“Learning Android Application Programming is a treasure trove of holistic information on developing applications for Android devices. It should satisfy those who prefer detailed descriptions as well as those who enjoy a book chock full of high quality code samples. This book is a one-stop shop to take the reader from zero to app publish via a most relevant sample application. Throughout the book, the sample app is built, refactored, and optimized as the reader picks up all the necessary concepts and skills needed to become a true Android developer. Outstanding work Justin and James!”
Jun Heider,
Senior Architect and Development Manager, RealEyes Media

“A unique book that iteratively covers every aspect—requirements, design, developing, testing, and publishing of a production-grade Android application.”
Romin Irani, owner,
Mind Storm Software

“Learning Android Application Programming covers a rich variety of commonly encountered scenarios when approaching the Android development platform. Newcomers can step through the provided examples in an easily approachable format, while those who are more familiar with Android will find many useful nuggets scattered throughout. Everything is written in an understandable way and demonstrated through concrete examples, which can be immediately applied to a multitude of projects—great stuff!”
Joseph Labrecque,
Senior Interactive Software Engineer, University of Denver